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Systems leadership for all generations.

The Villars Institute was established in 2022 as a nonprofit foundation to accelerate the transition to a net zero economy and to restore the health of the planet for all of its inhabitants. Located in the Swiss Alps, the Villars Institute is a platform for systemic change and a place for intergenerational collaboration. It is also a curator of artistic, cultural, and sports activities that promote biodiversity, planetary health, and sustainable development.

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EarthTime enables users to interact with visualizations of the Earth's transformation over time. It combines huge data sets with decades of images captured by NASA and European Space Agency satellites.

About Us

We combine the creativity of talented young people with the proficiency of experienced professionals and provide the group with insight, tools and techniques for rapid and effective systemic change.

GOALS: The institute was created to accelerate the transition to a Net Zero Economy and restore the health of the planet for all its inhabitants.

STRATEGIES: We change the system through Systems Leadership, Intergenerational Collaboration, Transdisciplinary Collaboration and Lifelong Learning.

DIMENSIONS: We focus on Energy Transition, Nature based Solutions and Emerging Technologies.

Our Communities of Change Makers

Villars Fellows

Solution-oriented young people nominated each year by educational and leadership organizations.

Villars Councils

Experts willing to work across disciplines for systemic change in the areas of energy transition, nature-based solutions, and emerging technologies.

Our Events

We believe events are essential for community building, creating knowledge, and catalyzing change. The Villars Symposium and Villars Summit are designed to foster intergenerational collaboration and to promote trans-disciplinary collaboration. The Villars Institute also organizes artistic, cultural, educational and wellness activities that encourage biodiversity, planetary health, and sustainable development with partners from across Switzerland and from around the world.

Villars Symposium

The Villars Symposium brings together the Institute’s partners and leading experts with the Villars Fellows to begin their life-long development as systems leaders.

25-28 June 2024

Villars Summit

The aim of the Villars Institute Summit (“Villars Summit”) is to address the climate and biodiversity crises holistically through interdisciplinary cooperation to accelerate systemic change.

20-23 March 2024

Villars Music Academy

The one-week Villars Music Academy offers a holistic philosophy to selected young musicians though interdisciplinary courses, workshops and conferences.

13-20 August 2023


Talent Partners

Secondary Education, Leadership Development and Award Giving organizations that nominate solution-oriented young people as future systems leaders.

Knowledge Partners

Major Universities, Research Institutes, Scientific Foundations and Media Organizations that share content, expertise and networks to accelerate systemic change.

Project Partners

Private and public sector organizations that provide services, resources, and tools to advance the initiatives and activities of the institute.

Villars Institute Board

Julia Marton-Lefèvre


David Gann, CBE

Vice Chair

Keith Tuffley

Member Of The Board

Suzan Craig

Member Of The Board

Richard McDonald

Member Of The Board

François Bianchi

Secretary To The Board

Villars Institute Team

Lee Howell

Executive Director

Emma Benameur

Head Of Programming

Roman Guggisberg

Operations Director

Joëlle Chevalley

Head Of Partnerships

Swan Rovelas

Team Project Coordinator

Kenyan Mayet

Project Intern

Luz Donozo

Community Communication Intern

Jade Hameister OAM

Youth Advisor


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